Our story begins way back in 1996, when two dudes met for the first time at the local skate spot in Clinton Iowa. Brando was fresh out of high school, and Adam fresh into high school. At first they didn’t exactly see eye to eye. Adam thought Brando was weird, and Brando thought Adam was a little cocky. But over that summer they started to understand each other and found they had one major thing in common; art.

Fast forward a few years… both dudes were working jobs they hated, but always found time to hang and draw together. Both sick of the factory grind, Brando decided on graphic arts as a profession, while Adam started tattooing. Brando did two years of the community college thing, and landed a gig at a local screen printing shop. Adam got hired at a local shop, and started learning the ins-and-outs of the business.

After hanging at the tattoo shop with Adam all the time, Brando decided to try his hand at the craft. He eventually landed an apprenticeship. About a year and half in, circumstances beyond his control forced him out of the tattoo industry… A blessing in disguise really, Brando went back to his roots in design. Adam thrived in the tattoo industry, going against the norm and experimenting with different techniques, he was determined to make a name for himself.

Fast forward a few more years… Adam stayed busy with tattooing, and eventually opened a shop with a partner. Brando decided to move to a different city to work with a friend/mentor and his company. For a better part of a decade Brando honed his design skills, and soaked up as much business knowledge as he could retain. All while Adam still pushed himself in the medium making a great impact on the area, building a large and loyal clientele.

Having built a solid portfolio, Brando decided it was time to branch out on his own. UpsideDownOwl was born in December of 2009. Focused on illustration, logos, and design. Brando worked day and night to build a brand with a vision. The vision was simple… a crew of talented artists with expertise in various forms of art working together to do what they love to do. While working with his clients, and gaining new ones, he pushed to achieve this vision. Working with companies like TeeFury.com, Qweertee.com and others like them, UpsideDownOwl was making a small web presence known for tee design.

After a few years and a lot of phone conversations, these two dudes decided to join forces. The plan was for Brando to move back up to Clinton so they could get studio space and start building the business. They found a great spot downtown, and moved all their equipment in. One month after they moved to the studio, the spot next door opened, and Adam seized the opportunity to grab it up and open his own tattoo shop, Black Relic Tattoo.

They say everything happens for a reason. Now it’s 2016. UpsideDownOwl and Black Relic Tattoo are right next door to each other. It’s not just Adam and Brando anymore either… they grabbed up some local talented artists to work with Black Relic and UpsideDownOwl.  It seems the vision is coming together. Now offering more than just design, UpsideDownOwl handles screen printing, vinyl graphics, sublimation, murals, hand painted signs, airbrush art, canvas art… honestly there is nothing that has to do with art UpsideDownOwl can’t handle.