Brando Punk / UpsideDownOwl

Brando is a multi-talented artist born in New York State in 1977. His upbringing was shaped by the cultural diversity of both the big city and small-town life, leading to a unique perspective in his work. As a child, he was exposed to the vibrant graffiti and skateboard culture of Los Angeles and later developed a passion for art in high school.

In 1998, he decided to further his education and attended graphic art school. Over the next two decades, Brando honed his skills as a freelance designer and commercial artist. However, it was during the pandemic in 2019 that he was able to fully explore his own style and techniques, resulting in a body of work that truly represents his artistic vision.

Brando’s work is influenced by a variety of sources, including comic books, graffiti, pop culture, and the experiences of his youth. His unique background and experiences are evident in the dynamic and visually striking pieces he creates.